Free Troy Ave

Stream/Download Troy Ave’s fitting new mixtape “Free Troy Ave.”

Troy Ave has been at the center of controversy these past couple weeks after footage of him shooting in the VIP section of Irving Plaza surfaced at a T.I. concert recently, leaving 3 wounded & 1 dead. The result of the video earned Troy an arrest for attempted murder by the NYPD, however he’s since claimed in court that there’s more to the story than what the footage shows and that he’s the real victim in all this, even though a gun was found in the rapper’s minivan that matched the bullets used at the Irving Plaza shooting.

Nonetheless, Troy Ave currently sits in a prison cell at the moment awaiting his trail. So to capitalize off his relevancy, the Brooklyn rapper decided release a new mixtape in the meantime today fittingly called Free Troy Ave. Laced with 12 records in total, the formerly titled Real vs Fakemixtape features various freestyles, unreleased records, and intermissions that find Troy Ave giving updates on the case & talking about losing his best friend over the phone from prison.

Stream/download the free tape now, and now we’ll continue keep you posted on Troy’s freedom moving forward.


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