Featuring 2 Chainz Part Five

2 Chainz-affiliated DJ, DJ E. Sudd, drops off a mixtape filled with Tity Boi features.

Street Executives is the company behind much of what 2 Chainz does– from helping build 2 Chainz’s own brand, to his CEO,OOO,OOO movement and much more. 2 Chainz’s DJ, DJ E. Sudd, has teamed up with Street Execs to bring fans a big compilation of strictly Tity Boi features from over the past year.

2 Chainz hasn’t been on a tear like he was during that infamous 2012 era, but he’s still been heavy with guest appearances. His joint efforts with Lil Wayne means that Weezy F also makes multiple appearances on this mixtape. If you haven’t been keeping tabs on everything 2 Chainz has been up to lately, this project will do.


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